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With a wide range of base shoe profile, you can always pick and choose according to your own needs and based on the color, species, and pattern of hardwood floor. Here are some basic things to have in mind when installing base shoes.

The base shoe is a small flexible molding installed against the baseboard and a wood floor to conceal any discrepancies. It is common to match the species and finish of the base shoe to that of the floor.

In addition, the baseboard is the trim that runs along the bottom of a wall at the floor. Its style and proportions should be selected to work in harmony with other wood detailing such as the doors and windows.

Finally, the base band is used to create a large baseboard detail from smaller components. A detail built from smaller components makes for easy installation and lets you create your own custom profile.

As a piece of advice, never ever nail the base to the floor itself but to the wall!


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